Friday, June 24, 2011

The Global Bitcoin Stock Exchange (GLBSE) is Live!

It can be found at (But I get a certificate warining)

See the stock prices here:

A breakdown of some the stocks:


Ubitex makes it easy for you to meet someone in person, and do the transaction face-to-face. And since you pay in cash, face-to-face, fraud is nearly eliminated.


SkepsiDyne Integrated Node is a mining company that is publicly listed on under the ticker SIN. As of June 19, we've sold 1,547 shares, and sold the BTC raised for over $9,000. We currently have 9 rigs producing ~8.1 Ghash/sec.

Some more stats for SIN


As far as I can tell it's another mining company?


Yet another mining company

5) GLBSE:CM400

CentiMine: Anonymous mini-mining contracts


Another mining company

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