Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bitcoin coverage roundup: June 5th

1) Senator Charles Schumer (Dem) and Senator Joe Manchin (Dem) are asking federal authorities to take down the silk road. Good luck, they're going to need it.

2) An interview with Nefario, founder of Bitcoin Global. He lays out why shutting down sites like the silk road wont be so easy (and will get progressively more difficult)

CryptoCloud is to be a cloud based computing platform (ala. Amazon AWS) that is hidden in cypherspace (inside the darknets I2P or Tor) so that their location cannot become known. This will allow anyone to easily start any kind of project that if it were illegal in whatever jurisdiction, will be able to run with impunity on CryptoCloud. So services such as Torrent sites, copies of the original Napster, and even directly selling copyrighted materials will be allowed (actually the policy as it stands is that pretty much anything will be allowed).

3) A Bitcoin billboard!

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