Monday, February 21, 2011

Canadian Media Giants: Pro-UBB, Anti-Net Neutrality

Shaw is big. Shaw, along with Rogers and Bell are Canadian media. See the list of companies they own here.

We already know they're pro-UBB, but they are also anti-Net Neutrality.

On Friday Feb 19th, "Cable companies, broadcasters and union representatives" met to discuss what should be done about their latest foreign devil: Netflix.

The meeting was hosted by Norm Bolen, president of the Canadian Media Production Association (CMPA), who says the meeting was to discuss the impact of online services “competing for content, competing for customers and the effects that might have on the Canadian system"

Hmm... Norm Bolen...

His bio tells us he was previously Executive VP -- Content at Alliance Atlantis, responsible for fine Canadian channels like "Food Network Canada" and "BBC Canada"...

But there's already a Netflix Canada, so he's probably out of ideas...

But wait!

Alliance Atlantis Communications was bought by Canwest which was bought by Shaw.

And we know what Shaw thinks (who, as one of only 3 major Canadian Broadcaster's, was surely there). They want Netflix regulatd by the CRTC. As Shaw's president Peter Bissonnette puts it his we-pay-taxes-so-they-should-too argument, companies like Netflix:

"Undermines the ability of Canadian broadcasters to finance Canadian programs because the foreign competition is sapping their revenue base."

It sounds like they, and other major Canadian broadcasters (Rogers, Bell, I'm looking at you) want Netflix taxed.

Is not selectively taxing specific internet services a violation of the principles of Net Neutrality?

Then that's our media industry for you folks. Three companies that are pro-UBB and anti-Net Neutrality.

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