Sunday, February 6, 2011

GlobalNet: An Ancap-Cypherpunk ideal.

The concept of the fictitious corporation GlobalNet is inspired by Wikileaks, Futarchy and of course, Google.

Since the dawn of Science, it has always been evidence, backed by hard data that has forged the best path for humanity. Today, technology has created a storm of data that can be used to make predictions. As conectedness and data scales, so do our prediction accuracies. We can use this data to answer fundamental questions about our existence. DNA et al can tell us about human nature -- calls, tweets and bills about human nurture.

Tech scales. Data scales with it. So do prediction accuracies.

But so do ethical and privacy concerns. This is the dillema.

GlobalNet is the solution. Shares are issued, capital raised and invested long term. Half the interest funds GlobalNetTech, half to GlobalNetData.

GlobalNetTech provides free digital services to the world. Search... SocialNetworking... Storage... -- shareholders decided the services they'd like to see. All publications (media, code, etc.) are without copyright. They even design/sell hardware at cost.

GlobalNetInfo monitors usage over all GlobalNetTech's infrastructure. But they behave with your data, and back that promise up with cash as many ways as it can. Sharehold capital is used as collateral on liability insurance. If they are ever deemed to have been negligent with user-data, (as defined by the shareholders) the company is closed and all capital goes to the plantiff. They will also receive anonymous leaks. Same deal applies, and the data is disseminated to whoever the source desires. Sometimes nobody.

While the gadets and services provided by GlobalNetTech are fun and life-improving. The service provided by GlobalNetInfo could be revolutionary. They act as an Oracle over all the data. Anyone may ask of it any question they like. If the question is deemed to be 'acceptable' (again, as defined by shareholders) then a betting line can be placed. GlobalNetInfo uses its data to make predictions, and its funds to match the volume of any line. Thereby disseminating accurate, 'acceptable' and relevant information to the world backed up with money.

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